Nov 10, 2013

Anda Ingin Tahu Badan Anda Berdaki Atau Tidak ?

Dengan Produk Lulur Body Scrub Kami, Anda Boleh Dapat Tahu Hanya Dalam Masa 1 Minit Sahaja.

Kenapa Produk Ini Anda Perlu Miliki ?

- Sangat Sesuai Untuk Menghilangkan Daki-Daki Yg Degil
- Dibuat Dgn Bahan Semulajadi & Tiada Sebarang Unsur Kimia @ Bahan Berasaskan Haiwan
- Sesuai Utk Semua Jenis Kulit, Semua Peringkat Umur & Jantina
- Menghilangkan Sel-Sel Kulit Mati
- Menghilangkan Kesan Kedut Serta Melicinkan Kulit
- Membersihkan & Menghilangkan Kulit Yg Kusam
- Melembapkan Kulit Supaya Sentiasa Bersih
- Menghalang Penuaan Kulit
- Kulit Sentiasa Kelihatan Bersih, Cerah & Wangi

Bagaimana Ia Digunakan ?

- Digunakan Sebelum Anda Mandi
- Sapukan Secara Perlahan-lahan di Bahagian Yg di Inginkan Selama 1 Minit Sehingga Kering
- Gosok Bahagian Yg di Sapu Sehingga Daki Tertanggal
- Basuh Dgn Air Bersih
- Gunakan 2 Kali Seminggu

Jenis - Jenis extract yang kami ada;

Whitening + Bengkoang Extract
Deeply cleanse and remove dead skin cells, moisture and increase skin elasticity, also make a lighter skin looks

Whitening + Papaya Extract
Clean and remove dull skin thoroughly, moisture and make a lighter skin looks

Whitening + Strawberry Extract
Prevent skin aging process, make a smooth and lighter skin looks

Whitening + Rose Extract
Gradually reduce dull skin entirely with relaxing aromatic fragrance, also make a lighter skin looks

Whitening + Chocolate Extract
Help to moisture, conceal fine line, increase skin elasticity and make a lighter skin looks

Whitening + Milk
Provide extra moisturizer and make a silky skin feels. It also helps to reduce skin aging process and make a lighter skin looks

Whitening + Avocado Extract
Give an extra moisturizer for dry skin type, maintain skin elasticity, and make a lighter skin looks

Photo: Herborist - lulur traditional @ body scrub. 100gram
» choice extract : Strawberry, papaya, rose, chocolate, avocado, green tea, bengkoang, milk. 

» Aromaric with natural ingredients
» gently remove dead skin cells.
» make skin smooth and moist.
» prevent skin aging process
» make a lighter skin looks.
» improve skin elasticity.

How to use?
» on a dry skin all over body before taking bath and gently massage.
» rinse with water without using soap. 

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Body Scrub and its Health Benefits

A body scrub is basically a concoction (home-made or commercial) that is used to scrub away (exfoliate) dead skin cells from the body. Normally, the body replaces its skin cells every 28 days or so. Helping it rid of these dead cells makes for a healthier skin.
Essentially, it is made of coarse granules (usually ground apricot, walnuts, oatmeal, coffee grounds, sugar or sea salt) mixed with a semi-liquid suspension medium (oil or gel).


The main benefit of a body scrub is that it cleanses the skin of dead cells. While doing so, the scrubbing action also soothes it and provides some nutrients needed by the skin.
body scrub
The scrubbing action also stimulates circulation, thereby toning the skin. Whether in a spa or at home, exfoliation revitalizes the skin by exposing the smoother new layer after the dead cells had been removed.

Tanned Skin

A good body scrub rids dry, flaky or scaly skin cells from the body. These are the skin often exposed for long periods to the sun or to other elements (dust, pollution). It is also an effective way to remove tanned skin and make it look less wrinkled.
Tanned skin that had become darkened and rough can be removed for the underlying new skin which is supple and young to move up and guard the body. Gentle scrubbings can be done once a week. (For those with sunburns, skin rashes, acne, or some other skin ailments, it is best to use only some soft body scrub in the shower until they heal.)


Aside from the recommended two-week interval, scrubbing much too often can damage the skin. (Once the dead skin had been removed, further scrubbing can potentially harm the new exposed skin cells.)
In winter, skin can be dry due to over-exposure to the elements. Too vigorous a scrubbing is not recommended.
A body scrub is for the whole body – hands, feet, ankles, knees, elbows and others parts that need them. This means leaving the face and the neck area for their appropriate facial scrub. Skin in the face and neck are tender and sensitive.

Mar 31, 2013

Pure Marine Collagen

Khasiat Pure Marine Collagen (PMC). Atau Kolagen rumpai laut.

- membantu menyerikan kulit, menegangkan kulit juga membersihkan muka .
- membantu melancarkan peredaran darah.
- membantu membuang toksid dalam badan.
- membantu melawaskan sistem pencernaan.
- membantu mengurangkan berat badan.
- membantu mencegah alahan (allergies) & jangkitan.
- membantu mengurangkan risiko kanser & sakit jantung.
- membantu meningkatkan tenaga zahir & batin.

Harga - RM5
1bekas - 350 gram
COD area Shah Alam

Mar 12, 2013

. A Perfect Facial Treatment in a Cozy Place. 

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A Perfect Facial Treatment

7 Steps To The Perfect Facial

All facials are pampering…but don’t mistake all facials for just fluff!A professional facial can actually change your skin and reduce acne, reduce wrinkles and slow down the aging process giving you a gorgeous, healthy glow.


All facials are pampering…but don’t mistake all facials for just fluff!A professional facial can actually change your skin and reduce acne, reduce wrinkles and slow down the aging process giving you a gorgeous, healthy glow. Your aesthetician can treat various skin problems on the face, neck and décolleté with a facial designed for your skin type.  There are obviously steps that you need to take on a daily basis to maintain the health of our skin including eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated, getting adequate sleep and daily exercise, refraining from smoking, and wearing a good protective sunscreen to prevent sun damage. And if you take these steps along with maintenance professional facials aging can be very graceful!You should visit your aesthetician every 4-6 weeks for a professional facial to target skin issues specific to you such as uneven skin tone, rough texture, acne, and fine lines and wrinkles.Facials will encourage hydration, exfoliate dead skin, decrease impurities and even skin tone and texture. There are seven essential steps to a facial:
  • Cleanse:  After your aesthetician analyzes and addresses your skin type she will prep your skin with a double cleanse to create a clean canvas.

  • Exfoliate:  Next, steam will be used to open up the pores.A treatment is then applied to the skin that will exfoliate, release congestion and clarify and brighten the skin. This may be an Enzyme treatment, Vitamin C or a Glycolic Acid, depending on your skin type.Acids help aid in exfoliation…which is key to glowing skin.Exfoliating the top layer of skin helps to reveal younger skin, as new skin cells are created in the dermis.Your aesthetician may choose microdermabrasion as an add-on exfoliating treatment for you to stimulate collagen and slough off the top layer of the skin.This treatment blasts tiny crystals onto your skin to exfoliate, reduce fine lines and lighten skin discolorations.

  • Extractions:  Extractions are then made if needed to rid your pores of any impurities and eliminate harmful bacteria which can cause acne.

  • Massage:   Your aesthetician will give you a heavenly facial massage and / or acupressure which stimulates your skin, encouraging blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

  • Mask:  A mask is applied to the skin which will stay on for approximately 10 minutes.Depending on your skin type, your aesthetician will choose from a hydrating mask, clay based pore-minimizing and tightening mask, or a soothing mask to reduce redness.During this time, your aesthetician may wrap your hands in paraffin and massage your arms and neck.

  • Special Add-ons:  Your aesthetician may choose to use high frequency or LED lights for additional benefits.High frequency and blue LED lights can reduce bacteria for acneic skin and red LED lights can encourage collagen stimulation in the skin and reduce redness.

  • Hydration:  A moisturizer for your skin type, ultra rich and hydrating or light and soothing will be applied and a sunblock will be added as a finishing touch.
As you walk away from your facial, you can expect smoother skin with tighter pores and a youthful glow.Facials on a consistent basis will help you grow old ever so gracefully!

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Mar 11, 2013

Why Do we Need Shoulder Massage


Are extremely instrumental for relieving pain in the shoulders. The techniques are also helpful when suffering from stiff necks, frozen shoulders, headache and back pain. Shoulder pains are a very common condition found in people but they can get quite chronic. It is very important to take care as there may be permanent damages. According to various sources, shoulder massage is known to relax the muscles in the shoulders and eventually relieve the pain.



Baik digunakan berterusan utk tujuan kuruskan badan, mengurangkan lemak, angin, penat dan lelah, sakit urat, lenguh dlm badan, memelihara tenaga selepas penat bekerja, kebas-kebas kaki, darah tinggi, pitam, kencing manis (peringkat awal) dan melancarkan pembuangan air kecil, batu karang, gastric, gout, menghilangkan kesakitan dan bisa dlm tubuh, buasir serta bagus utk wanita lepas bersalin.

PENTING : Ibu mengandung dan mereka yang ada tekanan darah rendah tidak digalakkan mengambil minuman ini.

CARA MENGAMALNYA : Ambil 2 Kuntum bunga, DIbasuh bersih dan rendampakn didalam segelas air panas selama 20minit sebelum diminum. (boleh digunakan dalam 2 kali rendaman)

InsyaAllah Dengan Izin Allah ianya akan menjadi Penawar pada segala penyakit

BERAT : 60gms
PRICE : RM10 / RM12 (S/S)